Investigators are finding that there are really two answers to the question of age. The apparent figure is the chronological age: The amount of birthdays you’ve had. But there’s also the natural age. The natural age is how old the body seems to be — how great the organs, hormones, muscles, and organs work, and how some wear and tear the cells have gone through. However, simply because most people change the way doesn’t think you have to. There exist dozens of choices to provide up the mitochondria and get them stronger than ever before. Upgrading the mitochondria does a tremendous amount for turning the life period; it will make you look like you’re in the twenties again.        

 So, what constitutes stress management? Stress management encompasses the kind of techniques used to prepare for stressful situations, deal with events as they occur, and move with their outcome. In brief, they help us be quiet and clear-minded. They change our process within life's greatest challenges and through the everyday stresses that may be up daily. After identifying the most common triggers of stress, you should learn the different ways of managing stress. You can manage stress by ignoring stress signals such as anxiety, fatigue, and hostility. Also, you can manage stress by identifying the initial cause of stress, differentiating between positive and negative stress, and seeking assistance when stressed. Sometimes, stress can be managed through effective time management. According to researchers, managing time is one of the best strategies for managing stress (Peterson, Duncan & Canady, 2009).

When you look back in this list of general symptoms associated with difficulty, take thinking the quantity of time put in managing those diseases or symptoms. This is the moment you can spend by managing tension today. As we change the individual habits that manage stress can also decrease the aging process and serve as the cornerstone for our well-being. Tension is the mind/body phenomenon and it is best to spend the time needed to understand the relationship with brain, structure, and our endocrine system before putting together the program. Slow down, read some books on focus, so put together a program that works for you, the home, and the time you have made. There are foods that delay normal aging process, exercises and stress management, they can all be made into juice or liquid so u have your choice of palatability, they include

1. Spinach

2. Broccoli

3. Nuts and almonds

4. Fresh and skimmed milk

5. Avocado

6. Berries and Cherries

7. Watermelon

8. Papaya.

9. Pomegranate seeds

10. Sweet potatoes